Sadza Dashes Pillow White

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This White Sadza Pillow with Dashes is minimalist and unique. Add a touch of refined global style to any room with these beautiful white textured pillows! The fabric is hand woven into a "bark weave" pattern with a sublime texture from 100% cotton. The resist painting process, much like batik, then begins: the designs are painted on by hand with Sadza, (a porridge-like paste of maize which is also a traditional staple food of Zimbabwe), then laid out in the sun to dry. The fabric then gets painted by hand and baked in an industrial oven to reinforce the colors and prevent running when washed. After that, the dried Sadza gets scraped off creating an amazing crackled effect and the fabric is ready to become the lovely pillows that you see here! These pillows are made in Zimbabwe in a workshop that employs both men and women, empowering them through training and reliable long term employment helping to alleviate poverty within the community.