Energy Blend Essential Oil

Energy Blend Essential Oil

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Be uplifted and invigorated by the fresh scent of our Energy Pure Essential Oil Blend.

The aromatherapy blend is specially curated to help improve focus and concentration while refreshing the mind and body.

Our Energy Pure Essential Oil Blend is formulated with:

• Lemon
• Bergamot
• Sage
• Tasmanian Lavender
• Fir Needle
• Australian Blue Cypress
• Geranium
• Rosemary
• Cedarwood
• Tasmanian Peppermint
• Sweet Orange

The rich soils of Tasmania are ideal for Peppermint, with the cool herbaceous oil found in the leaves and tops of the plant.

Australian Blue Cypress is an important part of Aboriginal Australian culture, with its cones, bark, leaves, and ash traditionally used in medicines by the Tiwi people of Bathurst and the Melville Islands, north-east of Darwin. The plant is highly valued for its woody, spicy aroma.