Dope Greeting Card

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 Dope Greeting Card is illustrated with a vibrant hemp plant, draping wildflowers and delicate, copper geo shapes; a timeless nod to past eras and the tradition of pressing plant specimens in old books.  Each card in this series features a mixture of floral designs and sentiments that are perfect for all occasions including wedding, anniversary, business, bridal, baby, birthday and graduation.   

  • 100% rich, premium quality recycled paper
  • Blank inside with gentle hand pressed floral illustrations
  • Translucent parchment envelope 
  • To and from wrap around mailing label with gold foil printing
  • Front is embellished with fine copper foil details
  • Package arrives individually in a clear sleeve
  • Message: "Dope AF"
  • Color: Cream
  • Dimensions: 5”x7” 

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