Welcome to Jupiterrow.com

My name is Anahata and I opened Jupiter Row in 2015 in downtown, Ashland Oregon.  I have been an advocate for traditional Shopkeeping and the art of local retail.  Boutiques across the country have been dwindling in recent years in America.  For many reasons such as Amazon culture and the crippling bog box dominance online.  The importance of face-to-face-interaction is now fading.  But I I believe it's deeply worth preserving in communities everywhere through creativity, local innovation and opportunity.  However, this spring when Covid-19 altered the course of every ones lives Jupiter Row lost contact with our community.  We had never had a shop online because we had chosen to focus our attentions on the real brick n mortar experiece since we opened.  Offering a rich in person offering.  But when the time came to lock the doors for months (and perhaps again months more) we realized that we never wanted to be disconnected to our customers again!  We have taken the opportunity of the spring 2020 lock down to redirect our energy and finally bring our wares online for neighbors near and far.  We are so proud that our website offers a small glimpse into our physical space.  We wanted to try and give you the experience of being here with us the best we can.  We will continue to expand upon our online offerings as time goes on.  There is much much more for us to share with you and lots for us to learn. Thank you for being here with us and supporting local businesses who create a eco system for makers, artisans and community.  We will do our best to continue to expand on our connection with you here online.  Lots of love, Anahata