Nordic Black Tea

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Nordic Black is fermented Fireweed hand-picked from wild meadows and forests of Northern Europe. Use it as a healthy and refreshing alternative to existing black tea products.

Each tea is naturally colorful and delicious because it is hand-picked in wild Nordic meadows and forests, where herbs are more concentrated than cultivated ones and are then dried naturally by the sun and the wind. This tea is certified organic, vegan, vegetarian  GMO-free, and Ethically sourced. 

HOW IT IS MADE? By slowly fermenting leaves of wild fireweed herb at 50°C  for up to 1 week and forming a certain shape so that they would open in the teabag. Because of wild fireweed which is naturally rich in minerals and hand-made fermenting processes, Nordic Black has similar effect and taste characteristics as traditional black tea. 

Each tin contains 25 premium pyramid tea bags.


Take 1.5 to 2 tbsp of Cowslip flowers, pour some hot water (nearly boiled). Let it stay for about 6 minutes. Add honey when the tea is cooled a bit. If the drink is too hot, only the sugar will release.