Agave Agua De Colonia by Coqui Coqui

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Tropical Agave
The exotic, smoky agave plant is synonymous with Mexico and its cultural, medicinal and Mayan heritage. Coqui Coqui Perfumeria’s Agave fragrance has lingering dry and light, sweet and spicy notes; musky, rich, yet retaining a green and fresh quality. The Agave scent is for the sophisticated and seasoned traveller; bold, curious and unafraid of adventures new


Each fragrance is inspired directly by the flora and tropical lifestyle of the Yucatan, Mexico using unique combinations of original scents sourced from Mexico’s exotic plant life. 

The ethos of Coqui Coqui Perfumerìa distances itself from the modern fragrance industry. Coqui Cocqui unisex perfumes strive for elegant, raw, timeless fragrances, bold unfussy and refined signature-scents for complex wearers.  Eau de Cologne is a light fusion of aromas and essences in which heart notes are most noticeable, perfect to spray on hair and skin for lasting results.

Blue agave, with intense golden color


100 ml/3.3 oz.