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Jupiter Row: Our Story

Jupiter Row: Our Story Letters
Jupiter Row is nestled in the heart of Ashland, Oregon.  A progressive community in the hills of Southern Oregon.  A textured mercantile carefully curated in an 1860‘s, victorian-era building.  Inspired by tobacco flowers and wood grain, indigo, feathers and pine.  Jupiter Row features handmade & artisanal wares from near and far: from antiques & biodynamic apothecary to the works of modern studios.  

Jupiter Row was opened in May 2015.  Driven by artist and creative enthusiast, Anahata Katkin.  “I wanted to share with our community the resurgence of hand crafted goods in the United States.  There is a renaissance afoot and the inspiration in the Northwest is vast.  Folk arts and traditional works from around the globe have always provided a rich human legacy, as well.  These two forces combined make-up, what I feel, is a people's haven.  Jupiter Row is a place to discover meaningful goods for everyday lives.” 


Jupiter Row: Artist Statement
I have devoted my life to the creative process.  Learning to hone my fine art skills and design interpretations has become my passion.  This passion is not static but fluid.  I find that designing interiors and my boutiques stems from my love of the arts.  I consider myself a boutique “Maker”.  Jupiter Row is a personal and creative offering to my local community.  The process of curating my boutiques is immensely rewarding & I follow the same impulses as I do to paint and draw.  To sell “things” is one thing.  But a heartbeat and vision are essential to all endeavors or they are meaningless.  Jupiter Row is an authentic offering of beauty and natural ideas.  

*Anahata is also the co-founder and artist for PAPAYA!, an art-based gift and lifestyle brand.  As well as it’s flagship boutique, PAPAYA! Living, located next door to Jupiter Row.